Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Simple Guide to Reinstall Windows XP

Why Windows XP? Although it's pretty outdated, I'm pretty sure there are more Windows XP users than Vista users out there. How about Linux? Well, there is an assumption that Linux operating systems are only used by advanced people, so there isn't many beginners who use Linux and those advanced people won't have any problems installing Linux into their systems.

Below are simple steps to reinstall Windows XP into your computer. Please make sure you have followed exactly every single step in order to avoid any problems.

The Steps:

1. Insert your Windows XP CD/DVD. If there is a menu appears, just close it.

2. Restart your system.

3. When your motherboard logo appears, enter the configuration screen (usually by pressing del, F2, or F4, depends on your BIOS type). Once you have entered the menu, please set the first boot device into your CD/DVD-ROM.

4. Press any key when the message "Press any key to boot from CD" appears.

5. Wait while the contents from CD/DVD are being loaded. Follow the instructions on the screen and accept the EULA.

6. If you have Windows XP installed before, you will be asked whether to repair your system or not. Choose "don't repair".

7. You will see all the storage devices that are connected to your PC.

8. Delete all the existing partitions.

9. Make a new partition. Amount and size are up to your preferences.

10. Press enter on a drive where you want Windows XP to be installed. You will be given choices on how you want your drive to be formatted. I recommend using NTFS because it supports encryption and has a better performance.

11. Wait while the hard drive is being formatted. After that, all the files needed to install Windows XP will be copied into your hard drive.

12. Your computer will be restarted automatically.

13. Set your first boot device back into your hard drive.

14. At this point you have completed 80 percent of the overall installation progress.

15. Follow all the instructions on the screen (keyboard, language, time/date setting, etc). If you have followed all the step correctly, your computer will be restarted once again. Up to this point, you have finished installing Windows XP.

16. Although you have finished installing Windows XP, this isn't end yet, because you will have to install all the hardware drivers and software.

Make sure you have done the following:

1. Backup all your important files (My Documents, musics, pics, videos, etc).
2. Backup all your schedules, calendar, meeting, appointment, etc.
3. Backup your bookmarks.
4. Backup all your software settings.
5. Prepared all the drivers and software installation files or CD.
6. And the most important, you have prepared your Windows XP installation CD/DVD.

Written by: Suryanto Tjiu

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